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Thrill Ride
Sunset Cruise - Last Ride Before Sunset
Skyline Cruise - After Dark
Fireworks Cruise


April - 11am-8pm, - Thursday through Sunday Night
May - 10am-9pm, - 7 days per week
June - 10am-11pm - 7 days per week
July - 10am-11pm - 7 days per week
Aug - 10am-11pm - 7 days per week
Sept - 10am-11pm - 7 days per week
Oct - 11am-9pm, - Thursday through Sunday Night
Nov - 11am-6pm - Friday through Sunday Night



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Minimum 8 passengers to ride, if there are not enough passengers at your designated time slot you will be bumped to the next flight or until the 8 passenger minimum is met in order to launch.
All tickets are bought on a "use-it-or-lose it" basis, which means each ticket must be used by the end of the calendar season.
Date and time can be rescheduled (pending availability), but there are no refunds once the tickets are purchased.


$30 - Thrill ride
$39 - Sunset Cruise - last ride before sunset
$39 - Skyline Cruise - After Dark
$45 - Fireworks Cruise - TBA - Saturday Nights (subject to city schedule)


Located at the Brown Forman Amphitheater Docks at Waterfront Park (1301 River Road Louisville, KY 40202). Ticket booth and attraction is located in between the Tan and Turquoise Parking Lots (close proximity to the Adventure Playground and next to the Old Doc’s Cantina Mexican Restaurant).
Louisville Waterfront Park
Mobile Office

For more information, contact Eddie at

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