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The Scream Machine - Louisville KY Waterpark
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The Captain

Former Seadog Captain Eddie Brochin from "The Extreme" brings over 5000 hours of experience to the Louisville Waterfront aboard his own twin engine jet boat, The Scream Machine. Although this vessel is much smaller than the Extreme, it is also faster and more maneuverable than the 70-footer he used to operate out of Chicago's Navy Pier. On this thrill ride you can enjoy high-speed hairpin turns, fishtails, power slides, nose dives, and the legendary 360° spin at top speed.
The Thrill Ride is not for the faint of heart, and you must be at least 38" to ride. You might get wet, so either dress appropriately or inform the captain you'd like to stay dry. If you prefer a moderate performance ride, I recommend the Sunset Cruise. If you are looking for the ultimate date night, I recommend the evening Skyline Tour or Fireworks Tour.
Make a reservation, and I'll meet you at the docks!
Eddie Brochin - The Driver The Scream - Side The Scream - Back
She's a 30' - 800 hp thrill ride powered by a set of twin Turbo Yanmar 350 diesel engines.

Please note: Children must be at least 38 inches tall in order to ride The Scream Machine.

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Upcoming schedule:

April - 11am-10pm - Thursday through Sunday Night
May - 11am-10pm, - 7 days per week
June - 11am-11pm - 7 days per week
July - 11am-11pm - 7 days per week
Aug - 11am-10pm - 7 days per week
Sept - 11am-10pm - 7 days per week
Oct - 11am-7pm, - Thursday through Sunday Night
Nov - 11am-6pm - Friday through Sunday Night


$30 - Thrill Ride (30 mins ride)
$49 - Fall Foliage Tour
(A 2 & 1/2 hour tour from Louisville to 12 Mile Island with a break for a lunch at Captain's Quarters River Side Grill or a dinner at KingFish Restaurant in Jeffersonville [meal not included in price]. Tours run twice daily Thursday-Sunday (weather permitting) if the minimum of 8 people are booked. Times are 11:00am-1:30pm and 4:45pm-7:00pm.
$39 - Sunset Cruise - Last ride before sunset (45 mins ride)
(Minimum 8 passengers needed for ride to East Mile Island. If less than 8 passengers are booked at time of departure, trip will still be 45 minutes, but will stay within the city.)
$49 - Skyline Architecture Tour - Take the last ride of the day to see the city lights in style - ends mid-October (45 mins ride)
$49 - Fireworks Cruise -
(On Bats game days, Fireworks Cruise departure times are a best guess and are not guaranteed to occur exactly at the same times as the fireworks. To have the best chance of seeing the fireworks, your best bet is to arrive 30 minutes early - this is just in case the game is shorter than usual.)
Sunset Cruises, Skyline Architecture Tours, and Fireworks Tours are now closed for the year.
Custom Bookings available as well!
Located at the Brown Forman Amphitheater Docks at Waterfront Park (1301 River Road Louisville, KY 40202). Ticket booth and attraction is located in between the Tan and Turquoise Parking Lots (close proximity to the Adventure Playground and next to the Old Doc’s Cantina Mexican Restaurant).
New! Due to popular demand, if you'd like to be picked up from the KingFish Restaurant across the river in Jeffersonville, just select the "KingFish Restaurant Pickup" ticket option when booking, then make sure you're at the restaurant's dock at 5 minutes after the normal boarding time, and we'll pick you up! Make sure you select the correct ticket option, or we won't know you're waiting for us.
Louisville Waterfront Park
Mobile Office
Minimum 4 passengers for all rides.
If there are not enough passengers at your designated time slot you will be bumped to the next ride, or until the passenger minimum is met in order to launch. You can also ask to reschedule your booking for a different time/day.
All tickets are bought on a "use-it-or-lose it" basis, which means each ticket must be used by the end of the calendar season.
Date and time can be rescheduled (pending availability), but there are no refunds once the tickets are purchased.
To book your ride in advance,
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Eddie With Giant Catfish

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